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Improving your quality of life is what iElevate Wellness focuses on. Whether it’s managing your health and wellness, maximizing your performance and recovery, our priority is finding a solution for you to live BETTER

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IMPROVE Your Quality of Life

Our mission is to elevate and rejuvenate your health and wellness. We specialize in an integrative approach blending both conventional and alternative medicine to provide the best quality care specific to your needs at a cost effective rate

Through scientific research, we implement innovative services to manage lifestyle health conditions, antiaging, weight loss, fitness performance and recovery. We tailor your treatment with our broad range of lab panel testing 

Our Services


Whether its micronutrients, vitamins, antioxidant, medications or antibiotic therapy. Infuse directly to your bloodstream to support your immune system, performance, recovery and overall well-being at a cost effective rate. Intramuscular injection option available
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Men's Health

Testosterone testing to identify and treat low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is offered to restore your hormonal balance and provide physical and mental health benefits for men
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Medical Weight Management

Medical weight loss program with a license profession to help assist, support and coach you through your weight loss journey at a cost effect rate
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Direct Patient Care

Developed by the American Academy Family Physician, DPE model gives provider's a meaningful alternative to care for patients, create flexible individualized plan, allowing more time to spend with patients at a reduced cost by avoiding third party payers
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Laboratory Testing

Food & Environmental Allergy Testing - Sexual Transmitted Infection - HIV - Anemia- Advanced Hormone - Health and Wellness Annual Blood Testing
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3D Health Body Scan

  • 3D Body Scan Assessment

    Learn about physical health within 2 minutes. iElevate my body. Empower yourself using the innovative Styku 3D body scan to track, monitor and elevate your health and body’s measurement in the simplest form. Non-invasive and get your report on the same day visit

  • Biomarker Assessment

    Diagnostic tool to identify health factors to assess red blood cells, electrolytes, thyroid function, hormones, vitamins and nutrients, and additional heart-specific characteristics


Broad custom IV infusions to support your health symptoms and wellness. Whether you are dehydrated from working outdoor, suffering from food poisoning symptoms, migraine headache, low energy, vitamin deficient or need an extra immune system support, our medical provider will assess and guide you to ensure a safe and effective infusion

Dr. Reginald Ward after his initial 3D body scan, empowered himself to make a change in weight loss to reach his health and fitness goal. He has lost 21 pounds and reduce his risk of cardiovascular health to live a better life.

Local cyclist and biking fitting expert Eric takes on a high altitude session to experience a glimpse of high elevation terrain across the world. His goal is to ride up Haleakala national park in Maui at 10,023 feet.

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