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Having worked in the emergency department as a physician and nurse practitioner, we’ve seen the challenges of the healthcare system and the obstacles that patient’s encounter when they present to emergency department. 

We want to expand our expertise in conventional medicine and provide an alternative wellness approach to better serve our patients.

Not every person is created the same, which is why we individualize health and wellness treatment plans specific to your needs


Dr Leslie Camacho-Acevedo and Thuc Tran (APRN), advanced practice registered nurse, are husband and wife who are passionate about health, fitness and overall wellbeing. They have two young girls and enjoy spending every possible second with them. They both engage in an active lifestyle and believe the pillars of social connection, healthy choice eating, sleep and stress management  are the keys to anti-aging, disease prevention, mental well-being and happiness. 

We understand that there are barriers in health and fitness that can be difficult to overcome. We want to be more than just medical providers. We want to be your health coach to empower, support and help you overcome your obstacles to achieve your wellness goal.”

Tony & Leslie

Dr. Leslie Camacho-Acevedo

Dr. Leslie Camacho-Acevedo is a board-certified ER physician with 6+ years with Advent Health. Born and raised in Moca, Puerto Rico, she grew up learning the values of hard work, patience, and determination to achieve her goals. She played softball for the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. She completed medical school in the Dominican Republic and finished her residency at Advent Health East Orlando. She is actively practicing as an emergency physician where she enjoys delivering extraordinary care and serving the community.

Thuc Tran

Thuc Tran (Tony), is an advanced practice registered nurse specializing in family medicine. Born in Saigon Vietnam his family immigrated to Florida at the age of 2. He has lived in Orlando ever since and is a die-hard fan for the Orlando Magic. He always knew he wanted to be in health care to take care of people and learned that one of the most valuable aspects of helping others is listening. He has worked in various hospitals in Advent Health including Winter Park, Kissimmee, Celebration before deciding to take care of people in the role of family nurse practitioner. He completed his masters in nursing at South University

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